Get rid of cosmetic and reconstructive problems, and restore your youthfulness and natural appearance. At Geoplasty Plastic Surgery, we offer a specially designed protocol that maximises the benefits of fat transfer.

What fat transfer is

Fat transfer or fat grafting or lipofilling is a contemporary, quite effective and popular treatment.

It is based on an injectable material (filler), which derives from the same individual’s body (autologous) and, therefore, it is extremely friendly towards it.

It is a minor procedure, during which Dr Georgopoulos harvests fat from one part of the body and injects it to another.

This fat is exceptionally rich in stem cells, which in turn regenerate the surrounding tissue, offering radiance and youthfulness. Therefore, fat transfer creates volume and, at the same time, rejuvenates and improves dramatically the look and texture of the treated areas.

It is successfully applied on the face, as well as the body. The results may be permanent, if all stages of the procedure are performed properly.

The treatment is suitable for:

  • Cosmetic problems (deficits, dark circles, breast augmentation, etc.)
  • Reconstructive problems (such as radiation necrosis of the skin following radiotherapy, tissue deficit after surgical procedures, etc.).

How fat transfer is performed

Fat transfer on the face and hands is entirely painless and may be performed at the doctor’s office with local anaesthesia. A preoperative check-up is performed before the procedure.

Liposuction is performed to harvest fat from a part of the body (abdomen, lateral lumbar region, thighs, etc.) through 1-2 mm incisions.

After proper processing, the fat is injected in the areas you want to improve, with a special technique.

Dr Georgopoulos has designed a special protocol, LipoTriplet, which collects three kinds of material:

  • Microfat
  • Nanofat
  • SVF (Stromal Vascular Fracture) that contains a large amount of stem cells.

Each one has a different use and is injected at different depths. This fully restores volume loss, while the skin is improved through the action of the stem cells.

With this technique, fat viability may reach up to 90%.

Fat transfer on the breasts and buttocks is a more demanding procedure and is performed exclusively in a hospital.

What areas of the body it is indicated for

Fat transfer may be applied to the face and body:

  • Under the eyes, for the treatment of the dark circles and volume loss.
  • Nasolabial area for wrinkle reduction.
  • Lips
  • Cheekbones
  • Breast augmentation, as a supplementary technique or in case of severe asymmetry in the size of the breasts.
  • Buttocks for treating cellulite.
  • Dorsal hand augmentation for a younger look.
  • On any part of the body that presents tissue deficit.

What happens after the procedure

For 2-3 days a mild oedema is observed.

You are usually able to return to your normal activities on the very next day.

What the possible complications of fat transfer are

Since the material used comes from the body itself, the complications are minimum.

In rare cases, as in all surgeries, some complications may occur, such as infection and haematoma.

What other treatments fat transfer may be combined with

Fat transfer may be combined with autologous mesotherapy with ρrρ, to increase the rate of survival of fat cells and to improve the result.

This technique has produced excellent results in the regeneration of damaged tissue caused by burns, especially following radiotherapy, because of the regenerative ability of stem cells contained in fat.

Why choose us for fat transfer

If you want a younger and more natural appearance, at Geoplasty Plastic Surgery we offer the most contemporary and reliable techniques for fat transfer. Dr Georgopoulos and the fully trained personnel of Geoplasty Plastic Surgery ensure excellent, long-lasting results, with attention to safety.

Through his solid commitment in the area of regenerative medicine in the last decade, Dr Georgopoulos has designed the special LipoTriplet protocol, which offers a solution to a wide range of problems in plastic surgery, in terms of appearance and reconstruction. The doctor will discuss all your options with you in depth and will recommend personalised solutions, tailored to your needs.

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