Restore skin youthfulness without surgery, eliminate sagging skin and slow down the normal ageing process. At Geoplasty Plastic Surgery, we offer you an excellent lasting result, due to the unique in Greece advanced 4th generation Doublo Gold HIFU system.

What Doublo Gold HIFU Face Lifting is

Doublo Gold HIFU Face Lifting is an innovative, non-surgical anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatment.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) instantly creates youthful results and at the same time slows down the ageing process.

It is an extremely safe, painless and effective treatment.

It creates natural-looking results. It is the ideal solution for men and women over 30.

How Doublo Gold HIFU Face Lifting is performed

At Geoplasty Plastic Surgery we use the Doublo Gold 4th generation HIFU system, which is at the latest technology in the area of focused ultrasounds.

Doublo Gold high-energy focused ultrasounds have the unique ability to penetrate targeted deep layers of skin, in the fascias (connective tissue) of the muscle. Therefore, Doublo Gold allows collagen production activation, not only on the surface, but also in the deeper skin layers of the face. Essentially, it imitates a facelift without surgery.

In this way, Doublo Gold slows down the normal ageing process, firms the skin and lifts the face.

Before the treatment, Dr Georgopoulos assesses several factors, such as loose skin extent, signs of ageing and your expectations. The primary objective is to identify the individual needs of your face and, using his medical knowledge and experience, to perform the procedure on parts of the body that require lifting, firming and restructuring.

The treatment is painless and performed without anaesthesia.

What areas of the body it is indicated for

The parts of the body that Doublo Gold HIFU Face Lifting can be applied are:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Cleavage
  • Arms

It is an extremely effective method to treat ageing and laxity of the neck, especially the double chin.

How long the treatment lasts

Session duration: 30 to 90 minutes (depending on the area)

Number of sessions: 1 (annually)

Recovery time is not required, nor any particular attention or caution. You may return to your daily activities without any restrictions.

What the results of Doublo Gold HIFU Face Lifting are

Treatment with Doublo Gold HIFU Face Lifting:

  • Smooths fine lines and deep wrinkles.
  • Lifts eyelids and cheeks.
  • Firms the neck.
  • Eliminates the double chin.
  • Restructures, rejuvenates and firms the skin.
  • Improves skin tone, face contour and the area around the eyes.

The result is instantly visible after the end of treatment. It continuously and gradually improves for the next 30 to 60 days, while it lasts up to 1 year.

It is the latest technique in non-invasive medical cosmetics globally in the field of non-surgical facelift.

What the possible complications of Doublo Gold HIFU Face Lifting are

There may be some mild and transient adverse reactions, such as flushing of the skin, pulling or burning sensation, light pain or numbness.

You don’t have to worry because ultrasounds are being used for medical purposes for more than 50 years.

What other treatments can Doublo Gold HIFU Face Lifting be combined with

For a more comprehensive result, you may combine various treatments in the same session.

For example, if you are interested in face lifting and restructuring, you may combine Doublo Gold HIFU Face Lifting with liquid lift, in order to restore facial loss of volume and boost the lifting result.

On your first appointment, the doctor will diagnose your needs and, based on these, will formulate a Geoplasty Signature Treatment plan tailored to your needs. He will select the suitable combination of treatments that can offer you the desired result without affecting one another, and eventually improve your body.

Why choose us for Doublo Gold HIFU Face Lifting

If you want a younger and more natural appearance, at Geoplasty Plastic Surgery we offer the most up-to-date and reliable non-invasive treatments, using the latest technology. Dr Georgopoulos and the fully trained personnel of Geoplasty Plastic Surgery ensure excellent, long-lasting results, with attention to safety.

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