Reduce belly fat, get abdominal muscle definition and achieve gluteal lift without surgery. At Geoplasty Plastic Surgery, we offer you body contouring painlessly with the innovative EMT BODY SCULPΤOR© system.


EMT BODY SCULPΤOR© technology is the latest non-invasive plastic surgery technique for reducing belly fat, getting abdominal muscle definition and achieving gluteal lift.

It is a revolutionary method that uses a focused electromagnetic field to define the silhouette without surgery.

At the same time, it:

  • Increases muscle volume and definition.
  • Visibly reduces fatty tissue with lipolysis.

Treatment is suitable for all ages and is addressed to men and women.

How EMT BODY SCULPΤOR© is performed

The mechanism of EMT BODY SCULPΤOR© is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic field HI-ΕΜΤ (High Energy Focused EctroMagnetic Wave).

It works directly against the motor neurons of the muscles and causes an extremely large number of strong, involuntary muscle contractions. These contractions are much more powerful and of higher frequency than the ones caused by intense physical exercise.

In this manner, we achieve regeneration of the internal structure of muscles as a result of collagen production, new protein chain creation and muscle fibres, increasing density and volume.

At the same time, the excessive muscle contraction requires high energy consumption. The muscle reserves the energy by burning intramuscular fat.

Specifically, it triggers a big fat burning reaction, which results in free fatty acid formation in such a quantity that it causes their apoptosis. Then, they are excreted naturally from the body in around 1 month.

The treatment is painless and does not require any special preparation.

What areas of the body it is indicated for

EMT BODY SCULPΤOR© treatment can be performed for:

  • Gluteal lift.
  • Belly fat reduction and abdominal muscle definition.
  • Inner thigh lift and slimming.

How long the treatment lasts

Session duration: 30 minutes

Number of sessions: 4- 6 (every 3-5 days)

Recovery time is not required. Immediately following treatment, you may return to your daily activities.

What the results of EMT BODY SCULPΤOR© are

The results are instantly visible from the very first sessions.

Within a month, you have tangible results in:

  • Belly fat reduction.
  • Abdominal muscle definition.
  • Gluteal lift.

The results may last up to 10 months, with few intervals for maintenance.

What the possible complications of EMT BODY SCULPΤOR© are

The treatment is completely painless and safe.

What other treatments can EMT BODY SCULPΤOR© be combined with

For a more comprehensive result, you may combine various treatments in the same session.

For example, if you are interested in body contouring, you may combine EMT BODY SCULPΤOR© with Local fat and cellulite reduction (Triolipolysis). Notably in cases of lipohypertrophy, combining techniques maximises the result.

On your first appointment, the doctor will diagnose your needs and, based on these, will formulate a Geoplasty Signature Treatment plan tailored to your needs. He will select the suitable combination of treatments that can offer you the desired result without affecting one another, and eventually improve your body.

Why choose us for EMT BODY SCULPΤOR©️

If you want a younger and more natural appearance, at Geoplasty Plastic Surgery we offer the most contemporary and reliable non-invasive treatments for body contouring. Dr Georgopoulos and the fully trained personnel of Geoplasty Plastic Surgery ensure excellent, long-lasting results, with attention to safety.

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