If not treated properly, burns may not only cause aesthetic, but also functional problems. At Geoplasty Plastic Surgery, we offer specialised and contemporary techniques for the treatment and restoration of the scars of burn victims.

What a burn is

A burn is not just a skin-deep disease. It is a serious condition which, depending on the extent, may cause localised damage, such as mobility impairment and loss of body parts, or even lead to loss of life.

A plastic surgery specialist is required to treat the burn properly, so as to:

  • Limit systemic complications in the first hours after the burn, which may be disastrous for the burn victim.
  • Nourish the burn injuries appropriately, so that any movement or aesthetic problems are limited.

How burns are treated

The treatment of burns depends on their extent.

Hospitalisation in a special unit is imperative to treat:

  • Total thickness burns (3rd degree) which cover more than 20% of the body.
  • Deep burns in specific areas, such as face, arms or legs.
  • Children with burns and patients with related health problems.
  • Extensive chemical and electrical burns.

Initially, there is support with sufficient IV administration and blood products.

At the same time, special wound care takes place with:

  • Surgical methods (coverage with skin grafts).
  • Conservative methods to prevent possible scars.

Apart from aesthetic problems, scars may cause functional problems, such as pain, shrinkage and reduced mobility. Therefore, conservative treatment continues after discharge.

Then, at the outpatient clinic, there are various methods that may be applied to minimise burn scars.

Why choose us for the treatment of burns

At Geoplasty Plastic Surgery, we offer the most contemporary and reliable treatments and techniques for the treatment of burns, with attention to safety.

Dr Georgopoulos specialises in treating burns and taking care of burn victim wounds.

On your first visit, Dr Georgopoulos will assess your case and the extent of the burn, and will discuss with you about all the available options. He will guide you, so that may choose a safe and effective treatment, tailored to your needs.

Furthermore, the experienced and qualified staff of Geoplasty Plastic Surgery will advise you accordingly for your smooth recovery.

Book an appointment to find out all about the available options and personalised solutions, fully tailored to your needs: