Dr. Spyros Georgopoulos

Dr. Spyros Georgopoulos

Dr. Spyros P. Georgopoulos, M.D., PhD is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon, and he has been continuously active in research in the field for the past decade. Graduating from the Medical School – University of Athens in 2003, Dr. Georgopoulos went on to achieve his PhD Diploma from the medical school of the University of Athens in the field of microsurgery. He finished his traineeship in the Anticancer Hospital of Athens “Saint Savvas”, spending most of his time in plastic surgery centers in Germany, Turkey, England and the USA, where he gained valuable international experience. He specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery and facial surgery, microsurgery, fat grafting procedures and stem cell treatments.

Throughout his career, Dr. Georgopoulos has been able to combine his expertise as a general practitioner and surgeon with his considerable knowledge and training in aesthetic surgery. This set of skills puts him at the forefront of modern reconstructive and cosmetic surgical techniques.

His early work in the area of reconstructive surgery informed much of his later beliefs in the aesthetic surgery field. His efforts to help those who have suffered injuries requiring reconstructive surgery demonstrated to him that successful surgery to achieve the most natural and aesthetic outcome possible can have a profound effect on the well-being, health and happiness of the patient. This conviction to use his medical skills to help those in need of cosmetic assistance inspired him to move forward in the aesthetic and reconstructive field, offering a holistic approach to patients that gave surgical expertise and aesthetic sensibilities.

Pursuing his goal of becoming a leader in both reconstructive and aesthetic techniques led Dr. Georgopoulos to further his training at home and abroad over the past decade. He gained valuable experience and knowledge in renowned institutions such as the Royal College of Surgeons in England and the Miami Breast Center in the US. Again, the range of courses and training taken showed a constant willingness to master all microsurgical methods in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

In the area of reconstructive surgery, Dr. Georgopoulos has especially led in the area of breast reconstruction and oncoplasty, while he is also considered an expert in such areas as burn treatments, removal of skin tumors and melanomas, and all aspects of nerve and tissue damage to the face and body.

Unlike many experts in the reconstructive field, Dr. Georgopoulos saw the need to give patients more than basic treatment and to give them the most natural and therefore complete aesthetic benefits possible to aid with their recovery. He spent many years studying and training with cosmetic surgery techniques that would allow him to offer a complete package of services to patients.

In training to master the aesthetic surgical area, he specialized in the advancing area of stem cell treatments and fat grafting techniques, which he knows offer patients the best opportunity to acquire the natural and youthful appearance desired. His belief that using stem cells and fat transfers from the patient’s body means that he is at the forefront of current aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Georgopoulos is also dedicated to being at the cutting edge when it comes to non-invasive treatments such as botox, hyalouronic acid, skin peelings and laser treatments for a range of conditions. He has worked at home and abroad to master these treatments, allowing him to offer patients the full range of procedures available today.

Dr. Georgopoulos’s expertise means that he is often requested to present at the main conferences on reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, speaking on a range of innovative techniques and best practices. In 2011, he received the George Polikratis Award for Experimental Research, which was given at the 9th Pan-Hellenic Conference of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

In 2013, Dr. Georgopoulos achieved a long-term ambition when he opened the Geoplasty Center in Athens. Using his extensive knowledge of the needs of patients requiring all types of treatment, Dr. Georgopoulos created a surgical environment that offers the most modern equipment and trained staff. He understood the need to provide a setting that would make clients feel secure in the knowledge that they would receive the best possible treatment and be in a comfortable environment for recovery.

At the Geoplasty Center, Dr. Georgopoulos has every resource available to be able to attend to patients with care and sensitivity, providing an excellent platform for his undoubted expertise in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.



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