Geoplasty Plastic Surgery Center

The Geoplasty Center in Athens is at the forefront of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery in Greece. Director Dr. Spyros P. Georgopoulos is a leading practitioner in the field, overseeing a modern and comfortable clinic that offers state-of-the-art procedures, both surgical and non-invasive. The Geoplasty Center also employs qualified beauticians to provide for those who wish to improve their appearance without having surgical treatments.

The center offers a wide range of treatments and procedures, all of which can help restore your body image and lead to greater self-confidence. Noted for his research in the field of aesthetic breast surgery and breast reconstruction, as well as stem cell therapies and fat grafting procedures, Dr. Georgopoulos has spent the past decade expanding his research and now offers a comprehensive range of treatments for face and body.

Your well-being and satisfaction is the core focus, and Dr. Georgopoulos works personally with you to determine the procedure and outcome that will result in your improved self-image and happiness with your body.

All staff at the Geoplasty Center are experienced and highly trained in modern aesthetic and reconstructive techniques. You will receive the highest standard of care at Geoplasty, where we ensure a safe and stress-free environment from initial consultation to aftercare program.

Dr. Georgopoulos is an award winning plastic surgeon who strives to maintain his leading position in the field. Staying on top of current research and keeping up to date with current techniques is what helps him to ensure a safe and successful treatment for you.

Images & Videos of Geoplasty
Plastic Surgery Center

Photographs from the site of the Geoplasty Center of Plastic Surgery, 35 Andreas Papandreou Street in Glyfada and video from the day of its inauguration.



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