Spider Veins in Face & Body

Small surface vessels, which appear on the skin mainly of the feet and the face, but can be seen in other parts of the body are called spider veins. They are one of the most common aesthetic problems in women, but they can also occur to men. While the spider veins are thin and their diameter is not more than 1 millimeter their color is red, but as they grow they become blue, while a spider lattice called a hemangioma and a spider web can also be created.

Four out of ten adults suffer from spider veins, which in the body (thighs, legs, ankles) appear or worsen mainly during pregnancy, menopause or after weight gain. Other aggravating factors are heredity, strightness, smoking, poor nutrition, limited movement or consumption of water, cellulite, contraceptives, aging. Especially for the appearance of spider veins in the face is mainly the excessive exposure to the sun (especially without sufficient sun protection), which naturally favors the appearance or expansion of the spider veins in the rest of the body.

However, today you can get rid of the unsightly signs of spider veins directly, painlessly and effectively, but also from their troublesome and often painful symptoms (feeling of weight, fatigue or burning in the legs, cramps). At Geoplasty Center we offer specialized and reliable medical treatment of spider veins both through sclerotherapy and through advanced laser therapies, which, unlike the sclerotherapy method, can also eliminate very small sized spider veins.


Prior to treatment, Dr. Georgopoulos will evaluate both your medical history and the severity of your problem in order to decide which method or combination of methods is appropriate for your case. You should know that spider treatments should be done during the winter period, because during their duration and for about a month after their completion you should not be exposed to sunlight at all.

The most modern and advanced solution for the ultimate eradication of the spiderweb offers the specialized laser for this purpose, which can correct any type and size of sparrows. During the process, the exact dose of light energy that is needed is sent to the visible vessel for the purpose of overheating and, as a result, its disappearance. Depending on the extent of the problem, 2-3 visits to the clinic may be required, lasting about half an hour. Approximately one month between sessions, treatment is performed without anesthesia and should be performed by a qualified physician. Thanks to the special cooling system with the laser treatment, the whole process is painless.

The other option is the classic method of sclerotherapy, in which a very fine needle injects a hardening solution into the vein, which initially darkens, shrinks and eventually disappears. Treatment is completed in a single visit to the clinic, lasting about 20 minutes, and the pain you will feel is minimal and tolerable. Whichever method you choose, the results will be excellent and permanent. However, given that each treatment has specific signs of spider veins that it can correct, it is also possible to combine it.

If there is no deeper cause of venous insufficiency, the sprouts eliminated by the above methods will not appear again, but there is a possibility in the future to create new ones that would otherwise appear. That’s why it is vital that after the treatment you are careful not to be exposed to anything that can lead to the appearance of new spider veins.

After eradication of spider veins

During the first 10 or 15 days, small bruising may occur around the treatment sites, mild irritation and swelling. Also, the color of the treated vessels will become a bit darker, but this will be corrected within the first fortnight.

In general, you can go back to your day-to-day activities, but one day you have to avoid very intense. At first, you may have to wear special socks, while sun exposure is forbidden for almost a month.

After completing the treatment, Dr. Georgopoulos and the specialized staff of Geoplasty Center will give you very specific prevention instructions to avoid as far as possible the appearance of new spider veins in the future.

Face and body spider treatment at Geoplasty Center

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