A slight morphological difference between the two breasts (in size, shape, position and / or teat) is observed in almost every woman. In most cases it is not perceived, while in others it may be more or less obvious. When it is large and therefore unsightly, resulting in negative emotions, it can be corrected surgically and effectively.

Surgical correction of anisomatics is, in practice, indicated when the difference between the two breasts is equal to or exceeds one bra size. If it is a smaller scale, but the woman attaches great importance to the detail and its demand is the absolute symmetry of the two breasts, the correction is made by the technique of lipo-injection.

Anisomasty may be due to either birth-related causes such as breast developmental asymmetry (which is the most common type), Tubular Breast or Poland Syndrome, or in acquired conditions, such as partial or total mastectomy. Whatever the causes that caused it, there are many modern techniques of plastic surgery that can be used, as the case may be.


The most appropriate treatments, designed to improve any differences between the two breasts, are based on the individual or combined use of techniques such as:

– Breast augmentation with Silicone or Fat
– Reduction of the Breasts
– Breast Enhancement / Mastopexy
– Breast Reconstruction
– Liposuction / Fat Injections

In order to formulate the necessary action plan and decide which technique or combination of techniques will be used eventually and depending on the incident, Georgopoulos has to assess in detail factors such as:

The characteristics of the two breasts (individually and comparatively), but also of the chest

The age of the woman

If the anisomancy is small or large

If only one or both of the breasts is to be corrected

Side effects

Any side effects or complications that may result from an aneurysm correction surgery depend on the technique or techniques that will ultimately be chosen and applied. They do not differ from those that may occur after surgery to increase, reduce, restore or restore the breast, so if you want more information about the subject you can visit the corresponding sections of our website.

Correction of anomalies at the Geoplasty Center

Dr. Georgopoulos will initially evaluate your case in detail and then discuss thoroughly with you about all the choices you have. It will propose solutions tailored to your specific needs, your desires and your expectations. It will guide you responsibly so that you end up with the most secure, efficient and ideal process for you.

The Geoplasty Center is a state-of-the-art, stylish and friendly space with state-of-the-art equipment and its staff is specialized and fully trained. During the last decade, Dr. Georgopoulos has gained considerable knowledge and experience in the field of breast surgery and has become a specialist in such interventions. At the same time, it is highly recognized in surgical breast treatments that involve the transport of fat and stem cells.

If you simply want to investigate or get detailed information about every available choice offered by today’s plastic surgery to deal with anomalies, you can book an appointment with Dr. Georgopoulos.



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