Breast Reduction

Μείωση του μαστού στο Κέντρο Πλαστικής Χειρουργικής Geoplasty

A breast reduction is a very common procedure than women may want for a number of reasons. Aesthetically, the breasts may be oversized and out of proportion with the womanʼs body. And often, overly large breasts can be a cause of extreme pain for women. Excessive weight from overly large breasts can lead to chronic pain in the back, shoulders and neck. Even wearing a bra can be a painful experience for women who have this problem.

At the Geoplasty Center, breast reduction surgery is carried out to alleviate these problems. During surgery, excess tissue and fat can be removed. Dr. Georgopoulos is an expert in breast-related surgery as well as a leader in the field of body contouring. While carrying out breast reduction surgery, he will shape the breast to ensure that while the breasts are smaller and firmer, they are also in perfect proportion with your body.

The multitude of reasons for having a breast reduction, as well as the wide variety of body types, means that each case is individual and needs to be treated on its own terms. At the consultation with Dr. Georgopoulos, he will discuss all your options and advise you on the course to take that is right for your situation and your body.

The Procedure

Breast reduction procedures are usually carried out under general anesthesia. Usually, an incision is made from the areola to the fold below the breast. From there, Dr. Georgopoulos will be able to assess the underlying structure to remove unnecessary tissue and fat.

For this procedure, liposuction may be used. On some occasions, liposuction might be the only treatment required, which means less scarring for the patient. The surgery may also involve repositioning of the nipple and reduction of the areola. Once the breasts have been sufficiently reduced, the skin is tightened to give a toned and natural look. There will be scarring where the incisions are made, but Dr. Georgopoulos is skilled at ensuring it is kept to a minimum.

After the Breast Reduction

Depending on the individual case, the procedure might be carried out on an outpatient basis or it might require an overnight stay. In either case, you should have someone available who can bring you home when you leave.

The results of the breast reduction will be immediately visible after the procedure. There will be swelling, bruising and some numbness at the surgery sites, but this will decrease in the days ahead. As it does so, you will notice gradual relief of pain caused by oversized breasts.

You may feel some pain after the surgery, and Dr. Georgopoulos will prescribe medication to alleviate this. It is also possible you will be required to have a drain at the incision points to remove excess fluid, but this can be removed within a day or two. There will also be some scarring but this should fade over time and will be covered by standard clothing. Staff at the Geoplasty Center will advise you on your aftercare program, and this will include avoiding strenuous activity in the weeks after surgery. You should remain in contact with us in the weeks following the procedure.

Side Effects

As with all surgical procedures, there is the chance of some negative effects such as infection, but these effects are rare. Dr. Georgopoulos will advise you on how best to avoid negative side effects.

Breast Reduction at the Geoplasty Center

Dr. Georgopoulos is at the forefront of modern techniques relating to breast surgery, while the Geoplasty Center is equipped with the best facilities and equipment available. It provides the perfect environment to ensure comfort for you before, during and after your surgery.

If you are considering breast reduction and would like to explore your options, make an appointment at the Geoplasty Center today.




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