Thigh Lift

Ανόρθωση μηρών στο Κέντρο Πλαστικής Χειρουργικής Geoplasty

A surgical thigh lift procedure is recommended for those who want to improve the contouring of the thigh area, which may be disproportioned due to excess skin or fat deposits. A thigh lift can result in an overall better-contoured lower body, and the procedure may be carried out in combination with liposuction.

A thigh lift can involve a number of different techniques, and the procedures used will depend heavily on the patientʼs individual needs. Many will have excess skin due to weight loss, while others may just be hoping to improve looseness or excess fat in the thigh area that comes naturally with aging. A thigh lift in all situations will lead to better body shape and tighter skin, which can help you be more satisfied with your personal appearance.

At the Geoplasty Center, Dr. Georgopoulos is highly experienced in the body contouring field, including thigh lifting procedures. Through close consultation, he will assess your needs and expectations, outlining the process that will deliver a result you can be happy with.

The Procedure

The thigh lift procedure very much depends on each patientʼs particular situation. In general, the procedure is performed under general anesthetic and will involve making a number of incisions around the groin area, which allows Dr. Georgopoulos to assess the underlying tissue. He can then reshape and tighten the tissue, while excess skin can be removed to provide a more natural appearance of the thigh area.

In cases where the patient has excess fat deposit, liposuction may be used in combination with the thigh lift procedure.

During the procedure, Dr. Georgopoulos makes all effort to place incisions in strategic locations where scarring will be hidden by the natural folds of the body or by standard types of clothing.

After the Thigh Lift

The smoother skin and tighter contouring that a thigh lift can give you will be visible immediately after the procedure. There will be some swelling and bruising initially, although this will lessen in the days after. There may be some pain and Dr. Georgopoulos will prescribe medication to deal with this if necessary.

A thigh light can be performed as an out-patient procedure, but an overnight stay in hospital is a possibility. You should have someone who can take you home when you are ready to leave.

Staff at the Geoplasty Center may ask you to wear a compression garment for some time after the procedure to reduce swelling and support the thigh area after surgery. The staff will give you a detailed after-care program that you should follow closely. This will involve advice on not standing too often and keeping the legs elevated when possible.

Side Effects

As with all procedures, there is a slight risk of negative side effects such as infection after surgery, and you should closely follow the staffʼs advice on how to avoid this. There will be swelling and bruising initially, and you should expect some scarring at the incision areas.

Thigh Lifts at the Geoplasty Center

Dr. Georgopoulos has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of body contouring and is an acknowledged expert in thigh lifts. The Geoplasty Center is a state-of-the-art facility that combines the most modern techniques with excellent staff and an environment designed to make you as comfortable as possible.

If you think a thigh lift is the right procedure for you, call today to make an appointment for a consultation.




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