Neck Lift

Λίφτινγκ Λαιμού στο Κέντρο Πλαστικής Χειρουργικής Geoplasty

The neck is the area of the body that can show the first signs of aging. With aging, the skin can become lax and muscles lose strength. Some patients have deep lines on the neck, while others have fatty deposits that can increase the signs of aging.

A neck lift is ideal for someone who wants to reduce sagging or wrinkling in the skin around the neck. This procedure can tighten loose skin, leading to improved appearance for the neck and jawline. The neck lift can remove lines and wrinkles, helping the neck to look longer and younger.

A neck lift usually requires an overnight stay, and it is usually done with general anesthetic. You may be required to fast beforehand, and you should not smoke for up to three weeks before having the procedure. A neck lift should not be considered as a substitute for a face lift, although patients may choose to combine these procedures.

Dr. Georgopoulos is highly experienced in this area and is an expert aesthetician. You should consult with him before deciding which neck lift procedure is best for you.

The Procedure

A neck lift can involve two procedures. The most common involves making small incisions behind the ear and removing excess tissue from the neck area through these incisions. A second procedure involving liposuction of excess fat from the neck using a small tube may then be necessary, depending on your personal needs.

As each patient’s requirements and physical conditions can vary greatly, Dr. Georgopoulos will decide after close consultation which procedure is best suited for your needs.

After the Neck Lift

A neck lift usually requires an overnight stay. For a number of days after your neck lift, you should keep your head raised. You will also need to wear a compression strap to promote optimal healing. About two weeks after surgery, most effects will have subsided. Dr. Georgopoulos will advise on how to best manage your post-procedure well-being.

Side Effects

Possible side effects from neck lifts include some numbness and hematoma, although these are rare. You should ensure to ask Dr. Georgopoulos about possible side effects and the best way to avoid them during your consultation.

Neck Lifts at the Geoplasty Center

The Geoplasty Center offers the best in modern techniques to provide the treatment that will deliver a youthful and natural look for you. No two people are the same and everyone’s requirements differ. Dr. Georgopoulos will consult thoroughly with you on all options, delivering excellent results tailored for your specific needs.

Make an appointment with Dr. Georgopoulos today to talk about your options and the procedure that works for you.



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