Εγκαύματα στο Κέντρο Πλαστικής Χειρουργικής Geoplasty

The Geoplasty Center is at the forefront of reconstructive techniques for those who have suffered from burns. From the beginning of his career, Dr. Georgopoulos has worked in fields and medical institutes that have required expert knowledge of the treatment of burns and resulting scarring.

There are a wide range of surgical techniques such as skin grafting available to treat burns, and Dr. Georgopoulos is adept at all of them. His experience in aesthetic surgical procedures means that he can combine these with medical techniques to provide an excellent outcome that takes the patient’s health and eventual appearance into consideration.

As every patient is different and the scale of the burns will vary greatly, Dr. Georgopoulos will consult closely with you to determine the procedure best suited to your situation.


There are a number of procedures that can be carried out by Dr. Georgopoulos to treat burns and resulting scarring, the most common of which is skin grafting.

With skin grafting, a section of skin is removed from an area usually covered by clothing. This skin graft is then transplanted to the effective section using precise techniques designed to reduce scarring to a minimum and leave as natural an appearance as possible. The graft is held in place with micro-stitching and a cream is applied. The donor site is also treated with anti-bacterial cream to prevent infection.

After the Treatment

With burn treatments, you may be able to return home after treatment but this will depend on the extent of the area to be treated. In more extreme cases, you may be required to stay in hospital to recover.

Side Effects

There may be some pain after the procedure and Dr. Georgopoulos will prescribe medication to deal with this if necessary. The main side effect with burn treatments can be infection of the burn area after surgery as well as the donor site. The staff at the Geoplasty Center will give you a post-treatment program that you should follow closely to avoid any chance of infection.

Burn Treatment at the Geoplasty Center

Treatment of burns and post-care maintenance of the burn site is an area of speciality for Dr. Georgopoulos and the Geoplasty Center. If you require treatment in this area, make an appointment today to discuss your options.



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