Paralysis of Facial Nerve

Παράλυση Προσωπικού Νεύρου στο Κέντρο Πλαστικής Χειρουργικής GeoplastyFacial nerve paralysis is caused when there is any effect on the facial structures depending on the facial nerves. This is commonly caused by the Bell’s palsy condition and it can also result from accidents or trauma to the facial area. Doctors often diagnose the condition by checking facial movement such as raising the eyebrows. If you suffer from this condition, Dr. Georgopoulos is a highly trained surgeon who has experience in this area. Treatment involves microsurgical techniques, the most modern and effective types of which are carried out at the Geoplasty Center.

Through examination and consultation, Dr. Georgopoulos will determine which procedure suits your particular case.


There are a number of non-surgical treatments for facial nerve paralysis that can be pursued before surgery is considered. These include antiviral and steroid treatments as well as physiotherapy. If this is not effective, Dr. Georgopoulos may recommend surgery such as smile reconstruction surgery to help with the condition.

Surgery to correct facial nerve paralysis can take many forms and employ a number of methods depending on the specific situation. Nerve grafts or tissue transfers may be involved, and Dr. Georgopoulos is skilled in these procedures and in aesthetic procedures to reduce any visible effects of surgery. The procedure used can only be determined after close consultation between doctor and patient.

After the Treatment

Your post-care program will heavily depend on the extent of the surgery carried out by Dr. Georgopoulos. If there is pain after surgery, he will prescribe medication. You will also receive advice on management of the affected area from staff at the Geoplasty Center, and you should follow this advice closely.

Side Effects

Side effects after treatment of facial nerve paralysis are rare, but you should expect some pain and numbness after surgery. You need to follow the staff’s advice to avoid infection.

Treatment of Facial Nerve Paralysis at the Geoplasty Center

Diagnosis of the exact problem is a key factor in treatment of facial nerve paralysis. If you suffer from this condition, make an appointment at the Geoplasty Center to arrange a consultation with Dr. Georgopoulos.



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