Ουλές στο Κέντρο Πλαστικής Χειρουργικής Geoplasty

Those who have noticeable scarring, whether through accident or because of surgery, will often want to reduce the scarring to achieve a more natural appearance. This can be a key factor in attaining happiness with self-appearance after a traumatic experience. Dr. Georgopoulos has vast experience in minimizing the scarring effect and has trained and practiced in this area for many years.

The Geoplasty Center strives to achieve excellent in both reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, and when it comes to scarring this experience and knowledge in both areas comes to great effect.

Although the procedure to be carried out depends on the extent of the scarring, Dr. Georgopoulos is adept at identifying the right course of action to take. He will consult closely with you to determine the right solution for you.


There are a number of procedures available to treat scarring. These can range from skin grafts to dermabrasion and laser treatments. There are also non-surgical methods available such as autologous mesotherapy and filler injections that can greatly reduce the effects of scarring.

All these procedures are available at the Geoplasty Center and Dr. Georgopoulos is an expert when it comes to deciding on what will work best in each situation.

After the Treatment

With scar treatments, you may be able to return home after treatment but this will depend on the extent of the area to be treated. In more extreme cases that might require skin grafting, you may be required to stay in hospital to recover.

Side Effects

There may be some pain after the procedure and Dr. Georgopoulos will prescribe medication to deal with this if necessary. The main side effect with scar treatments can be infection of the area after surgery. The staff at the Geoplasty Center will give you a post-treatment program that you should follow closely to avoid any chance of infection.

Scar Treatment at the Geoplasty Center

Treatment of scarring is an area Dr. Georgopoulos specializes in, and the Geoplasty Center offers the most modern procedures and equipment available. If you are suffering from unsightly scars, make an appointment at the Geoplasty Center today to discuss your options.



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