Tissue Deficits of the Head, Body, Hands, Feet


Tissue deficits can result from a variety of causes such as trauma, excision of tumors or congenital effects. Such deficits can occur in any area of the body. This problem can cause pain and discomfort as well as self-appearance issues. For such cases, Dr. Georgopoulos is highly skilled in the reconstructive procedures necessary to alleviate this problem.

Several solutions are available to the surgeon, and these can range from surgical techniques such as flap surgery to non-invasive filler methods. Dr. Georgopoulos is at the forefront of methods involving autologous treatments that involve using tissue from the patient’s own body to the affected area. This technique is highly effective because using tissue from the patient results in the affected area adopting the transplanted tissue effectively and leads to a more natural result.

Every case of tissue deficit will be individual and unique. For this reason, a close consultation with Dr. Georgopoulos will be necessary to determine the correct course of action.


The procedure involved in correcting tissue deficits will depend largely on the extent of the affected area. Surgery and insertion of tissue with microsurgery tecniques or implants may be required to achieve a successful outcome. Less invasive methods will be used in cases where the deficit is smaller.

Dr. Georgopoulos is skilled in reconstructive surgery and strives to be at the forefront of developments in all possible treatments. When combined with his expertise in aesthetic surgical methods, it can be assured that the procedure used will be the one most suited to the patient’s individual condition.

After the Treatment

Your post-care program will heavily depend on the extent of the surgery carried out by Dr. Georgopoulos. If there is pain after surgery, he will prescribe medication. You will also receive advice on management of the affected area from staff at the Geoplasty Center, and you should follow this advice closely.

Tissue Deficit Treatment at the Geoplasty Center

If you are suffering from a tissue deficit in any part of your body, the Geoplasty Center is ideally equipped to determine the right solution and manage your post-treatment care. If you make an appointment at the center, we will arrange a consultation with Dr. Georgopoulos, who will advise you on the course of action that will address your particular problem.



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